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Florian Lüskow

Florian Luskow, M.Sc., Research Assistant within sponge project, e-mail:

Short CV

1996 – 2000      Primary School, Grevesmühlen (Germany)

2000 – 2008      Secondary School, Grevesmühlen, Gymnasium ‘Am Tannenberg’ (Germany)

2008 – 2012      Study of Biology at the University of Bremen (Germany)

2012 Bachelor of Science: ‘Investigation of feeding selectivity of polyps (Scyphozoa) in situ and under laboratory conditions’, Supervisor: Prof. Maarten Boersma and Prof. Wilhelm Hagen

2012 – 2015 Study of Marine Biology at the University of Bremen (Germany) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)

2015 Master of Science: ‘When air for breathing becomes limiting: Insights in the tolerance to hypoxia and implications for competition between the jellyfish Aurelia aurita (Scyphozoa) and the three-spined stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus in the inner Danish waters’, Supervisors: Prof. Maarten Boersma and Prof. Hans Ulrik Riisgård

2015-present   Research Assistant at University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)


Odense Harbour Mussel Project

Sponge Project

Research Cruise Experiences

Attendance in 22 research cruises (2011-2015, 1-53 days duration) aboard German, Danish and Norwegian vessels covering gelatinous zooplankton and fish in tropical to temperate latitudes in both hemispheres.


v  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Meeresforschung (DGM) e.V.

v  Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein zu Bremen (NWV)

v  Arbeitskreis Geographie der Meere und Küsten (DGFG)

v  Society for Experimental Biology (SEB)

Teaching Experiences

v  Teaching assistant in summer course ‘Marine and Brackish Water Ecology’ (undergraduate level), SDU (Denmark), 2014 and 2015

v  Co-Supervisor of high school field courses at the Meeresschule Pula (Croatia) in 2013

v  Docent at the tutoring institute ‘ikuh Nachhilfe’, Bremen (Germany), subjects: Biology, Chemistry and German, 2008-2012

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